A P T . L O G

For your general guide, every dwelling that has average space and perimeter having around 4 rooms it is equivalent to 1800 square ft. – merely about occupying and can be accommodated to one unit of FCL 20.ft for shipping purpose. However, that will depend on when we count from the physical load deliberately.

There are clients require to import the vehicle that they purchase during their tenure abroad and wanting the load in one FCL 40.ft along to the Household Effects.

We will consult and advise the clients amicably therefore the clients will get themselves ready with proper preparation prior to freight their Personal Effects Cargo efficiently. For instance, a particular client has to apply and get the AP/Import-Permit first to avoid themselves severely into a complicated situation.

There are also incidents occur whereby the documents were written, for instance, in foreign texts e.g. Arabic, Japanese etcetera whereby client need to get assistance from related office in the particular embassy to translate and make another set of copy attached together then endorse them for formality purpose.