A P T . L O G

As stipulated in the provisions, permitted by the laws and written clearly in the Air-Waybill / Bill of Lading; related to this service – we are a Freight Forwarder, Cargo Agent, Transporter, NVOCC, Forwarding Agent, Carrier, Shipping Agent, Logistic Provider to handle matters and such/manifold of services pertaining to:-

  1. The Importation/Exportation of the consignment(s) belong/own to our client(s), their company(s) and/or their buyer(s)/customer(s).

  2. And/or the clearance of such Vessel(s), VLCC/ULCC, Ship-Tanker(s), Carrier(s), Vehicle(s), and/or Container(s) that the client(s) or their company whether own/lease any or either of them.

  3. And/or the implementation/execution related matters, by means of such/manifold services, its logistics and conveyance; within the field and related industries, agencies, ministries, departments, authorities, organizations, business-chambers, government bodies and so forth

That we will do, undertake and handle the clearance, arrangement, necessary process, requirements and logistics in KLIA, Post-Stations, Port Klang, and/or such designated particular Airports / Seaports, Depots / Premises / Warehouses / Yards within Malaysia and overseas for our client, fulfil our responsibility, and deliver their shipments as mentioned / described in every Air-Waybill / Bill of Lading, Delivery Order and in any forms of related/relevant formatted/required documents of which its logistics and conveyance as per scheduled/manifested – accordingly, rightfully and legitimate.