A P T . L O G

Full-Container-Load are available in categories according to the loads, capacity and commodities / nature of cargoes. There are also several other Equipments being used to ship, carry and transport manifold of cargoes besides the ordinary/standard FCL 20.ft and FCL 40.ft that we handle them all professionally.

Whereas Less-Container-Load is another option for lighter shipments but heavier to transport via Air Cargo. The journey is different and slightly longer than Air Cargo which is swift nevertheless in another aspect this mode/method is thrifty , economical and reasonable for certain values. This type of service in another Incoterm or perhaps in its technical words/term is called as Consolidated Shipment or Cargo.

Both services anyways are available according to its requirement and preference. We are competent to handle them all.

The calculation on the weighing, shipping-unit and chargeable rate are by Revenue-Ton, Cubic-Meter/M3/Kgm. Every each 1.000/(one) Cbm/M3 is equivalent to 500.00 Kgm (or either closer to 1,000.00 Kgm based on services, sectors, routes, continents and meant to which country – shall be applicable and measured).