A P T . L O G

The standard and average mileage for Door-To-Door Delivery Service is the radius 30 KM distance from the airports/seaports to the metropolitan city limit. Every each 30 KM thereafter there is an Additional Surcharges. Unless the full and complete address is given correctly written in the Invoice, Packing-List, Delivery-Order, Air-Waybill / Bill of Lading therefore the delivery and proper quote/rate shall be furnished more accurate and accordingly.

In general, this service is comprising in two categories i.e. (i) DDU (with Duty-Unpaid) ; and (ii) DDP (with Duty-Paid). Most of the occurrences they are dependable on the buying-term between Shipper and Consignee. There are also occasions where both Duty/Taxes and Storage Fees are bearable by Recipient/Consignee despite sending the shipment through Door-To-Door Basis. We witness them and we can handle them as well professionally.