A P T . L O G

This service will lead where you shall determine your shipment(s) whether is subject to Dutiable of perhaps Non-Dutiable Goods. Invoice, Packing-List, Air-Waybill / Bill of Lading must be in order, complete and tally with the Cargo/Shipment along to other mandatory attachment/documents if it is required in accordance to the HS Customs Code i.e. Import License and Certificate of Origin, ATA-Carnet etcetera, for instance. The Customs somehow has an obligation to make a thorough assessment for every shipment.

Everything tangible you can witness they are having their specific HS-Code ; from Glasses to Apparels, Foods to Engineering Devices, Furnitures to Pharmaceutical Products, Perishable Goods, Chemical, Electrical-Items, Crude-Oils, Minerals, Automotive Parts, Used-Household / Personal Effects Cargo, Books/Printed-Matters and so forth.